Enrollment Procedure for Old Students

A student on his/her regular year level can register online using their E-Brahman
account. Refer to the Online Registration Policies

1. Login to the UB portal, then use student number and password to access the
online registration.
2. After successful registration/reservation, students are given three days (from
registration date) to report to their respective College/Department for printing
of EAF; otherwise, reservation / registration will be invalidated. Students
csan pay online using the same facility. Final copy of EAF will be available in
the College/Department as soon as the student reports.
3. Cashier’s Office for final enrollment or payment of required tuition fees.
(Refer to the Online Registration Policies)


1. Proceed to respective Colleges for advising, subject encoding and assessment.
For scholars, request for temporary assessment.

2. For Scholars, proceed to the Accounting Office for final assessment before
payment. For non- scholars, proceed to the Cashier’s Office for payment.