For Elementary (New Students and Transferees)

Registration Procedure

The process starts at the Admissions Office after the student passed the entrance examination
and continues to the point when he/she submits admission requirements.

1. New pupils (Kinder and Transferees) are required to submit their requirements at
the Guidance Office. Thereafter, they shall be issued an enrolment form (F-
ERO-01) and admissions slip.
2. The Registrar’s Office then encodes their registration.
3. The assessment of fees at the Accounting Office follows.
4. Upon payment, the student will then undergo a medical examination at the
University Clinic.
5. Then, to the Principal’s office to be reminded of the things to prepare for upon
school opening.
6. On the other hand, old pupils (grade 2 to Grade 6) are required to
secure an Enrolment Assessment form at the Principal’s Office upon
presentment and submission of their report cards.
7. The enrolment forms shall then be filled out and submit to the Principal for
8. Thereafter, the parents or the student shall submit the form at the Registration
Section for encoding
9. The parents or student must go to the Accounting Section for assessment of
10. Lastly, to the Cashier Section for payment of fees.
11. The textbooks however shall be paid at the University of Batangas Bookstore.