UB Elementary

Fun and holistic learning for the formative years.

The formative years are some of the most important periods in a child's life. This is why the primary goal of the University of Batangas’ Elementary Department is to enable its young charges not only to gain a fundamental grasp of academics that they will need going forward, but also to develop a solid moral, spiritual and emotional foundation. These, we believe, are the building blocks of enabling these children to grow up into active, responsible, productive and upstanding members of their respective communities.

Here, we recognize kids' inherent desire to have fun and engage in active and playful activities, which is why we incorporate these things into our relevant and up-to-date curriculum. We are all about striking a balance between academic disciplines and enabling children to enjoy their childhood through wholesome, fun and productive pursuits.

In addition, the Elementary Department's continuous efforts to achieve excellence in its programs and services have garnered it a Department Level II status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation(PACUCOA).


UB ELEM envisions itself to produce holistically developed graduates with 21 st century
skills and who are prepared and competent for Secondary Education.


UB ELEM provides a learning environment that promotes gender-equality and quality
educational experience which aim to support all learners to reach their highest
potentials and abilities in developing personal skills, academic competence and values
necessary to become competent, responsible, productive individual and a life-long
learner integrate


The Elem Dept. in consonance with its mission and vision, commits itself to:

Uncover the potential of every learner by integrating gender-equality and active
engagement in diverse curricular and co-curricular undertakings

Build a sense of commitment to excellence and sense of pride as member of
UB Family

Equip every learner with strong educational foundation that promotes holistic
development and 21 st century skills

Lead every learner to be functional literate and acquire the desired graduate’s

Explore and employ diverse and relevant teaching-learning approaches to cater
to the needs of the learners.

Maintain an active collaboration and partnership between the school and the
home/ community in varied programs, projects and outreach-related services.


The following are the attributes Elem Pupil should develop as an outcome of the
learning experiences they engage with on their Elementary Education:

E- Engaged and involved Learner
L- Lifelong Learner and advocate if UB Core Values
E- Efficient, Effective and Ethical Young Learner
M- Makatao, Makabayan, Makabansa at Makakalikasan


The learning experiences are expressed through core values which are woven into every
academic and extra-curricular activity at UB Elem. The learners live and breathe three
core values that form the basis of everything we do:

- Faith in God
- Love of Wisdom
- Service to Fellowmen
From its establishment more than half a century ago, the Elementary Department has a storied history, as well as a well-established reputation of being the province's premiere institution for elementary education where many of its students grow to become achievers in their high school and college careers.


It is an educational program offered as preparatory to Elementary Education Program. It
is geared towards promoting to pupils aged 3-5 the desire and love to learn and
developing them in all aspects such as communication skills in English and Filipino,
numeracy skills, sensory perceptual skills, socio-emotional skills, motor and creative
skills, so that they may be prepared to tackle formal school works and cope with the
demands of complex life.

The Elementary Education Program is intended for pupils in 1 st grade through 6 th grade.
The main purposes of this program is to provide children with broad range of learning
experiences that will help them to discover their talents and interests and to provide
them with basic understanding of various subjects and development of knowledge, skills
and abilities they will use through out heir lives. It aims to produce holistically developed
graduates with 21 st century skills and who are prepared and competent for Secondary
Education Program.