UB Elementary

Fun and holistic learning for the formative years.

From its establishment more than half a century ago, the Elementary Department has a storied history, as well as a well-established reputation of being the province's premiere institution for elementary education where many of its students grow to become achievers in their high school and college careers.

The formative years are some of the most important periods in a child's life. This is why the primary goal of the University of Batangas’ Elementary Department is to enable its young charges not only to gain a fundamental grasp of academics that they will need going forward, but also to develop a solid moral, spiritual and emotional foundation. These, we believe, are the building blocks of enabling these children to grow up into active, responsible, productive and upstanding members of their respective communities.

Here, we recognize kids' inherent desire to have fun and engage in active and playful activities, which is why we incorporate these things into our relevant and up-to-date curriculum. We are all about striking a balance between academic disciplines and enabling children to enjoy their childhood through wholesome, fun and productive pursuits.

In addition, the Elementary Department's continuous efforts to achieve excellence in its programs and services have garnered it a Department Level II status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation(PACUCOA).