Guide in Referring a Student for COUNSELING

Determine the behavior of the student for referral. A student who manifests the following signs/symptoms may need help and may be referred for counseling:


  • Very poor performance both in oral and written exams
  • Excessive tardiness
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Fails to submit projects/assignments on time
  • Failing grades
  • Lack of interest and motivation in his or her studies
  • Personal/Social:

  • Talks aloud and distracts others in class
  • Social difficulties: Manifests behavior of sadness and isolation
  • Shows signs of tiredness, anxiety, depression, frequent irritation
  • Shows obvious mood swings and difficulty in controlling anger
  • Display deterioration in grooming or hygiene
  • Low motivation and damaged self-esteem
  • Exhibit signs of dramatic weight loss or gain
  • Talks about SUICIDE
  • Problems in relationships (friends, family, romantic affairs)
  • Concerns about substance use
  • Bullying victims (bully and bullied)
  • Career:

  • Difficulty adjusting to course chosen
  • Confusion in what major to take
  • Career decision making
  • Confusion what course to take
  • Inform the student regarding the behavioral patterns you have observed in private and the need to refer him or her for counseling.

    If the student agrees for referral, the referrer (e.g. Dean, professor, parent) must accomplish the referral slip available at the Guidance Counseling and Health Office (GCHO) or Principal/Deans’ Offices. The accomplished referral slip must be sent to the GCHO through the referrer’s initiative or the student being referred. However, please talk to our Guidance Counselor regarding the nature of referral either personally or via phone to have better understanding of the concern.

    Counseling slip will be issued to the referee as proof that the student has reported and underwent counseling.

    The referrer could request feedback from the counseling session provided that confidentiality of the matters discussed during the session will be highly observed.