College of Allied and Medical Sciences


With the continued rise in demand for skilled healthcare professionals, the College of Allied and Medical Sciences’ goal is to produce graduates who become licensed and highly skilled professionals with the knowledge, mental fortitude and skills to be competent in their chosen fields not only in the Philippines, but also in the global workplace.

The College has invested in developing its facilities to foster a setting where students are equipped with the nec­essary academic comprehension of their chosen fields of practice as well as exposure to actual laboratory and clinical situations in order to create a well-rounded learning experience.

Programs Offered

BS in Physical Therapy (BSPT) Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a five year degree pro­gram. It aims to produce licensed physical therapists competent to care for patients in various settings for different populations. Lifelong learning, research, evidence based practice and con­tinuous professional development are central to its continuous pursuit for excellence in the field.

BS in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy is a four-year program that aims to produce licensed professionals who specialize in the promotion of optimum cardiopulmonary function and health. Respiratory therapists apply scientific principles to prevent, identify, and treat acute or chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system.

BS in Occupational Therapy (BSOT) Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy is a five year degree program. It aims to produce licensed occupational therapists that can fulfill the different professional roles in health care provisions in the assessment and treatment of physical and psychiatric conditions using specific activity to prevent disability and promote independent function in all aspects of daily life.