How to avail Counseling from your Guidance Counselor?

Counseling is the heart of the guidance program which aims to assist you, our students, to a deeper self-understanding and acceptance to become the best versions of yourselves. In counseling, we will work together to help you with issues affecting various aspects of your over-all well-being, may that be in academic, career or personal/social.

1. Student shall accomplish the “Statement of Confidentiality” form together with important information about him/her. He/she must agree with the said statement, else, no counseling will take place.
2. Counselor shall check the student’s portfolio and make the necessary arrangements regarding the counseling schedule.
3. Counselor shall carry out the “Intake Interview” where counselor shall take note of the following:

  • The brief description of the counselee.
  • The problem presented by the counselee.
  • A brief psychosocial history.
  • The counselor’s observation on the counselee’s manner of interaction.
  • Conceptualization of the problem.
  • 4. Based on the “Intake Interview” result, counselor shall make the necessary recommendation for counseling or disposition.

  • If case needs further counseling, counselor shall make the “Initial Counseling Plan” and proceed to Step 5.
  • If case needs referral to other specialist, counselor shall make the necessary arrangements for the referral and proceed to Step 7.
  • If case needs to be closed after the “intake interview”, counselor shall accomplish the “Closed at Intake” form and proceed to Step 7.
  • 5. Counselor shall make the “Initial Treatment Plan”.
    6. Counselor shall accomplish the counseling case notes every counseling session and the other necessary documentations like non-counseling contact form and no harm/safety contract form, if needed and the “Closing Summary Form”.
    7. Counselee is provided with a “Counseling Evaluation” form to assess the effectiveness of the session, counselor and the venue.
    8. Counselor shall accomplish the “Closing Case Checklist” and insert counseling documents in student’s portfolio.