Admission Requirements for Elementary

For New Pupils and Transferees

1. Report to the Guidance Office for initial interview and evaluation of qualifications.
2. Pay the admission-processing fee at the Cashier’s Office.
3. Present the official receipt to the Guidance Office to secure student’s form and information on entrance test/interview schedule.
4. Take the entrance test/interview on the scheduled date. Claim the result immediately after the examination.
5. If passed, submit duly accomplished student’s form and other requirements to secure an admission slip necessary for enrolment.


NKP/ Elementary
1) Certificate of Completion (KII)
Form 138/Report Card (G1- G5) (original & photocopy)
2) PSA Birth Certificate (original & 2 photocopies)
3) Certification of Good Moral Character (original)
4) 3 pcs 2x2 ID picture with nametag
5) 3 pcs ½ Index Card
6) 2 long brown envelopes
7) 1 long white folder with plastic cover
8) Online Application (