The University of Batangas’ THE WESTERNIAN PIONEER, the official publications of the institution’s High School Department, is a publication anchored on Love for God, Love for Truth, Respect for Natural Environment, Promotion for Positive Filipino Values and Love for Family and Life. These are not only evident in the articles and media works released, but can also be proven in the undocumented production processes which definitely rekindled the passion of the journalists in pioneering the truth toward the BEST and excellence.

The sixteen-page publications, THE WESTERNIAN PIONEER, has been an avid advocate of Faith in God, Love of Wisdom, and Service to Fellowmen—the University of Batangas’ very own core values. Thus, with coinciding philosophy and advocacy of truthful, objective, free and Christian communications and expressions, THE WESTERNIAN PIONEER has been faithfully participating in the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) for many years now. The endeavors by joining the prestigious award giving body not only developed and honed the skills of the passionate student-journalists but also gave chance for the humble publications to reach a greater number of audiences, leading toward easier propagation and dissemination of timeless, truthful and responsible Journalism.

Having been awarded as Special Citation in the CMMA’s Best Student Organ Category last 2018, and having bagged the most coveted title, the Best Student Organ last 2021, these served as motivations for the publications to do better, and event pursue excellence and perfection when it comes to pioneering changes using truthful information and responsible Journalism.

(The Official Student Publication – English of University of Batangas Department)
January-June 2021 Last Issue SY 2020-2021
Volume XXXiX No. 1

THE WESTERNIAN PIONEER (TWP) as the OFFICIAL SCHOOL PUBLICATION (English) of the University of Batangas High School Department (UBHSD) has indeed surpassed the test of resilience, time and changes.

Having been awarded by the Department of Education as the Best School Papers in the Philippines in the 2018th National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) both English and Filipino (Tunog Pamantasan), the TWP created its own standards when it comes to promoting relevant communication and imbibing the spirit of responsible journalism. Through the years of changes and innovations, it has proven its worth not only in honing the skills of the student-campus journalists but also its relevance in catering the needs of the community.

The stories of innovation, kindness, faith, compassion and resilience were carefully crafted and passionately retold so as to inspire the UBIans and the Batangueños with the realities of life. The UBHSD, having TWP as a positive instrument providing information, hope and motivation is, indeed, gifted to give.

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